FiberProtect – Why Our Protector is Different

We are often asked if applying a fiber protector is really necessary – does it actually DO anything?

Some of the big-brand protectors you may already be familiar with work pretty well most of time, but will only bead up a spill for about 10 – 15 minutes or so before allowing it to seep through the protective barrier and cause a stain. Some fiber types don’t accept protector well, and these types of protectors can be spot-cleaned away or worn thin in high traffic areas. To apply, these protectors are typically sprayed onto the textile and coat the fibers they come into contact with.


For the best possible penetration of protector into the fibers, use a SOLVENT-based protector like our own FiberProtect, rather than a WATER-based protector. This is especially important when treating fibers that are susceptible to colour shift or dye bleed, as water-based protectors are known to occasionally cause dye damage while solvent-based protectors do not.

Because we believe in a proactive approach to textile care, rather than a reactive one, we have developed and perfected a different kind of fiber protection, FiberProtect, to protect you from these stain types:


Destruction of dyes

This occurs when an over-the-counter spotter has removed colour from a textile, such as an Oxy-cleaner used on a dark fiber that leaves behind a much lighter colour after use.

 Masking of dyes

These stains happen when one dye/spill is dark or deep enough in colour to cover up the existing dyes, such as when a red sports drink spills and permanently colours beige fibers red.

 Recombination stain

This happens when the existing dyes and the newly introduced stain colour combine to make a new colour, such as when a pink coloured area rug takes on yellow pet urine, but the final stain appears orange.

FiberProtect works at a molecular level protecting your rugs and other textiles by penetrating the fibers and filling up the millions of dye-receptor sites with protector, leaving virtually no room for foreign matter to deposit, no matter the fiber type: silk, wool, nylon, viscose. It’s tough enough to last through professional cleanings and will only ever need a “booster” every 2-3 years to keep it from breaking down in the highest traffic areas. FiberProtect will never alter the colour or texture of your textiles.

When making an area rug, upholstered furniture, or other textile investment, it’s a smart decision to preventatively protect the fibers instead of waiting for a spill or stain to occur, rather than costly replacement or undergoing colour correction.
Call and let us know how we can help you keep your fibers protected!