Colour & Dye Correction

When pet accidents, bleach spills, or other harsh over the counter spotting products cause dye bleeding or colour migration, we are often able to correct these problems! The need for skilled spot dye correction is something we see every day.

The colours used in wool, silk, viscose, tencel, and other delicate rug fibers can be especially damaged by UV light. Our technicians are able to colour match and reintroduce dyes where necessary to restore the original beauty of your rugs.

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We invite you to view a few real life customer success stories below.

After reviewing our work have our colour repair specialists provide you with a quote today!

Case Study #1

When pet urine bled the colors of this rug, our customer believed it to be permanently damaged.

When we finished our dye repair, she couldn’t find the original stain!

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Case Study #2

Prolonged exposure to UV light in a sunny room caused premature fading overall.

Our customer was thrilled that we were able to fully restore the soft yellows in the field and the jewel colours in the pattern.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you match the colour of my rug perfectly?

No, but we will match it as closely as possible. The goal is to hide the stain or discolouration so that it blends enough with the surrounding areas to become invisible to the naked eye.

Is your colour repair going to be permanent?

Yes, because we are using dye. We guarantee that if for some reason the dye restoration does not hold, we will re-do the work for FREE.

What kind of stains can you hide with colour repair?

The most common damage we see is dye bleeding caused by pet urine stains. We also perform a lot of total rug re-colouration where exposure to UV light has prematurely faded the colours in the areas that have been in direct sunlight. Another common reason for dye repair is a bleach spot or spill that may have completely removed colour from an area.

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