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At our core, Fiber Protection Services, Inc. believes in a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to fiber care and protection. We have worked tirelessly to develop a protocol of care that starts with prevention.

It’s much better to keep a spill from staining or UV fading from happening before that situation arises, but if you do need cleaning, stain removal, or color correction, we will treat your textiles with the utmost care. Our years of education and experience allows us to custom tailor our cleaning and correction methods as needed. Everything we touch is hands-on and never automated.

Fiber Protection Services, Inc.

Est. 1993


Proud to have served the
Greater Toronto Area since 1993


All Natural Cleaning Products

We have also developed at-home use cleaning agents that are all-natural because we believe that “green” cleaning products should still be effective while simultaneously reducing the size of the footprint we leave on the planet.

HomeStars has given us a 99% Star Score

Named by Houzz one of the Greater Toronto Area’s “Best Of.”

We take great pride in the work we do, and we care about keeping your home clean and healthy!

  • I had Fiber Protection come in to clean and protect my 5 year old Montauk couch. I was thoroughly impressed by how clean they were able to get my couch -- they cautioned that it wouldn't look back to new, but to my untrained eye it did! I have two young daughters so there were a number of marks of unknown origin. They also provided me with detailed instructions on how to take care of my couch moving forward! Honestly, i wish i had done this when we first purchased the couch! Next time!

    Alison Williams Avatar Alison Williams
    March 13, 2020

    Jeff and his team did a great Job, chairs were stained by children and they look brand new!

    Jonathan M Avatar Jonathan M
    February 19, 2020

    Jeff and his team are truly top notch!!! I've had trouble with my white couch and dog stains. Jeff has arranged someone to come within hours to clean our couch and drugs prior to our Christmas party. Truly excellent customer service. Would highly recommend using Fibre Protect!

    A Robins Avatar A Robins
    December 12, 2018
  • GREAT company...the outcome was better then we expected. Without question we will use them again...AND we have no worries about sharing this great resource with our friends and relatives. Our carpet and upholstered furniture looks better then new. Thank you !!

    Jay Caplan Avatar Jay Caplan
    November 15, 2018

    I recently purchased new furniture for my main floor. Most of the fabrics were white!!! So I was very nervous about spills and stains. I found Fiber Protection Services on Home Stars and chose them because of the many 5 star reviews. Now I know why there are so many. I called Paul and left a message. Within 15 minutes (which is unheard of) he called me back and left me a long voice message about the services he offers. I booked his services immediately and his team came out today to protect my furniture. They also educated me on the “chemistry” of stains and what to do in the event of one with their at-home kit that is included. While I haven’t spilled anything....YET (with 2 teenagers and a dog!) I’m sure I won’t have any problems cleaning up after a spill. And if I can’t clean it myself, they will come out and do it for you. I highly recommend protecting your furniture with Fiber Protection Services. Their customer service and products sets them apart from all the rest!

    Dina McCaw Avatar Dina McCaw
    November 8, 2018

    I thought my lovely area rug was ruined after pet excrement left it very seriously stained. Much to my amazement with the expert care taken by Fiber Protection, I have my rug back looking better than ever. I cannot tell where the stains were. I have also used their services in home for upholstery cleaning and protection. I highly recommend Fiber Protection as they are extremely knowledgable about rugs and fabrics, friendly and professional.

    Janet Nelson Avatar Janet Nelson
    October 14, 2018
  • We hired Fiber Protection Services to treat four new pieces of furniture. Unfortunately there is a manufacturing flaw with two of the chairs that resulted in a blue stain bleeding through the fabric after application of the Fiber Protection Services clear solution. This is due to a blue piece of material used behind the upholstery. Although this is clearly the fault of the manufacturer Fiber Protection Services took full responsibility and made sure that the stains were removed from the chair. Customer satisfaction and care is clearly important to this company.

    Dan Gordon Avatar Dan Gordon
    September 26, 2018

    Fiber Protecion has been cleaning and protecting our rugs for a number of years. They do a very good job at removing pet stains and smells. The rugs come back looking like new. Highly recommended if you want high quality work and service for your fine rugs.

    September 16, 2018

    It's not too often that you find a company that delivers exactly what they champion: which is a product that is does what they say it will do and customer service that is like no other. The team at Fiber Protection Services provides an outstanding product that will protect your furniture investment and when accidents happen, they come to you to remedy the problem. We have had the respond twice to our backyard stain challenges. Once when a racoon decided to walk all over our cream chaise lounge cushions and more recently when a some squirrels soiled the cushion. They delivered exactly on their promise to restore the fabrics to their original clean state. Of course it is tough to spend the money initially to protect your prized possessions, but it only takes one major accident for one to realize how fortunate you are to have the protection needed to keep your items looking great. It just takes all of the worry away. Fiber Protection Services is a company that I trust and respect. You should too!

    Andrea Hamilton Avatar Andrea Hamilton
    August 27, 2018
  • Fiber Protection Services, specifically Paul and his team, came out to protect our new expensive furniture as we were getting ready to host a big party in a few days. In total we protected 9 pieces of furniture and area rugs. Not only was the team professional, all pieces were completed thoroughly and meticulously, while also being careful with our other pieces of furniture. Paul also walked us through their product, their maintenance services, and even trained us how and when to treat different stains, with the use of their products, how to spot clean, etc. After Paul and the team left the first time, we decided to also protect our very expensive leather couch. We knew the service would be impeccable and that our couch would have only the best product used to protect it. Even though it was a last minute request, Paul went out of his way to find time in the same week while still as pleasant as the first time we met him. Our party was a hit and the whole time, we never worried about any spills or food stains since we knew we were covered with maintenance service if a serious spill happened. Paul’s fantastic customer service and willingness to go above and beyond really put us at ease and we knew we made the right choice with Fiber Protection Services. We highly recommend Fiber Protection Services and would not hesitate to use them again.

    Deeps Mith Avatar Deeps Mith
    August 23, 2018

    Amazing and responsive service. I don't know how they get the stains out but they do! We have used Fiber Protection's service to clean and protect both our wool/viscose rug and also some upholstered furniture in our living room. The cleaning service is incredible and everything looks like new afterwards. And the after-care (for stains) is truly amazing - they are super responsive to coming quickly and the treatments they use get the stains out! I couldn't give a stronger recommendation for Fiber Protection and I now recommend them to all of our friends with rugs and furniture they want to take care of!

    Sarah Frame Avatar Sarah Frame
    July 6, 2018

    I had a great experience with Fibre Protection Services. I had a stain on a relatively expensive carpet that I could not get out, (I had actually made it worse). I called Fibre Protection Services, explained what had happened and they were over at my house within 1 day. They were able to get the stain out right away. They were very professional, explained what they had to do and why. I highly recommend them.

    Diane Shrott Avatar Diane Shrott
    June 25, 2018

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