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Whether it’s cleaning, protector, or color repair, we’ve got total fiber care in mind with each of our blog posts. We hope you find the information within useful!

FiberProtect – Why Our Protector is Different

FiberProtect – Why Our Protector is DifferentWe are often asked if applying a fiber protector is really necessary – does it actually DO anything? Some of the big-brand protectors you may already be familiar with work pretty well most of time, but will only bead up a...

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Pet Urine Damage

Pet Urine Damage – Keeping Your Home Healthy Pet accidents are going to happen. Most pet owners are quick to blot up these stains, but rarely give much thought to the human health risks associated with small amounts of pet waste left behind, not to mention the...

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Viscose Rugs

Viscose Rugs Need Extra Care: Very Popular, Very Problematic! Unlike silk, which is a high-end, protein-based fine fiber that comes from silk worm cocoons, Viscose is a man-made, plant-based cellulosic fiber with a soft, luxurious feel often used as a more...

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